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Preschool Camp Director: Patty Wielher

Elementary Camp Director: Ava King



CKC's two summer camps, preschool and elementary, run from 9 am -3 pm for 6 weeks from June to August and are designed to give our students a balance of academics and learning experiences to ensure they continue to grow and develop over the summer months, while also providing fun, recreational activities. 


The preschool camp combines spaces for structured learning activities, free play, and field trips to local parks, playgrounds and splash parks. 


Our elementary camp is are structured on block periods during the morning, so that our students rotate between different activities that include art, gardening, cooking, music, tutoring, reading, science and technology and gym. 


For the second half of the day the campers take field trips to local parks , pools and playgrounds for recreation and games. 


Every Thursday the elementary camp takes full day educational field trips to places like the Franklin Institute of Science, the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, and the Delaware Children's Museum.  Both summer camps provide breakfast and lunch for our campers, and are no cost to the families who participate in.  

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